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Best Plywood type for Wardrobes in India

In the previous article we discussed about which plywood to use for kitchen cabinets. This time around let's take a look at which would be the best plywood for making wardrobes.

But before we do that, there is an important point that needs to be considered. The point is:

What will be the height of the wardrobe?

This is a very important point to consider. If the wardrobe doors are going to be more than 7 feet in height, then the best choice of material would not be plywood. This is because, plywood has a tendency to bend in the middle when pieces of such length are used. The ideal choice in this case would be to use 'Block board'.

Technically speaking, blockboards are not as strong as hardwood plywood, when it comes to strength comparison. However they do have a distinct advantage. They have a lesser tendency to bend in the middle. Hence in furniture building, its very common for carpenters and interior designers to choose blockboard over plywood for length pieces of furniture such as wardrobe doors.

Here are some important characteristic of Blockboards.

1. They are cheaper than plywood

2. They are made from blocks of softwood covered with a thin layer of ply on either side. The most popular type of blockboards in India, are made from pine wood blocks.

3. Have a lesser tendency to sag or bend in the middle.

When to choose plywood for wardrobes?

If the wardrobe height is going to be lesser, then using plywood instead of blockboards is a good choice. The best type of plywood for wardrobes in such cases, would be commercial MR grade plywood, decorated with a laminate surface. Commercial MR (Moisture resistant) plywood is not waterproof, but it is the most common material used in such cases.

Usually kitchen cabinets, which are likely to get water exposure are made using BWR (Boiling water resistant) grade plywood, which is a waterproof ply, while all other items of furniture such as wardrobes, TV tables etc., show cases, wall panels etc. are made using commercial MR grade plywood.