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Wonders Park Nerul

information last updated on 12-Jan-2013.

The entry gate to Wonders Park Nerul
The entry gate to Wonders Park Nerul. There are two ticket counters, one on either side of the entrance.

Wonder Park Timings

Morning: 6:00 AM to 12:00 noon

Evening: 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The park is closed on every Monday for maintenance purpose.

The ticket counter closes at 7:30 PM

The timing for train and joy rides is 3 PM to 7 PM only

Entry Fees

Adults: Rs. 35

Children (ages 5 to 12): Rs.25

Toy train and other amusement rides cost extra Rs.25 per ride.

How to reach?

Wonder Park Address:

Off Uran Road, Sector 19A,

Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

By car or bike

The park is located at Sector 19A in Nerul. Reaching by car or two-wheeler is easy as you can drive straight up to the entrance gate of the park. Parking facility is available. The parking charges are listed below.

Two-wheeler: Rs.10

Four-wheeler: Rs.50

School Bus: Rs.500

By bus:

Getting down at the LP Bus stop (Nerul highway) is possible, but it very far off from the park compared to reaching there by train. However rickshaws are available fairly easily from the rickshaw stand at the corner at LP.

The other option if coming by bus, is to get down at Uran Phata instead of LP, since it is much closer to Sec-19A. But the downside is that auto-rickshaws may not be available from there to go to Wonders park.

By train:

The nearest railway stations are Seawoods Darave station and Nerul station. The Auto Rickshaw fare from Seawood is Rs.15 and from Nerul station it is Rs.20

About the park

The Wonders Park at Nerul in Navi Mumbai was inaugurated on Saturday, 15-Dec-2012 by Union Agriculture Minister Mr. Sharad Pawar.

The park is spread over 30 acres of open space, and has several attractions for children and grown-ups alike.

For the first two days after inauguration, i.e. on 16th and 17th Dec-2012, entry to the park was free of cost for everyone, and from 18th Dec-2012, entry fees became applicable.

The total project cost incurred by the Navi Mumbai Muncipal Corporation for the development of the Wonders Park at Nerul, as reported by the newspapers, has been around Rs.44 crores.

The park is gaining in popularity and a large number of people are flocking to Wonders Park to enjoy the toy train and other rides and to see replicas of the seven wonders of the world, that have given the park its name.

Main attractions:

Seven Wonders of the World

Miniature replica of the Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal replica at Wonders Park

The main attraction at Nerul's Wonders Park is of course the miniature sculptures of the 'Seven wonders of the world'. It is these replicas from which the park has got its name.

All of these miniatures are placed next to each other and are situated towards the left side after entering from the main gate.

The seven wonders include:

Metal plaques have been placed near each of these sculptures that gives all the basic information about each of the seven wonders.

Click here to view the images of all seven replicas The seven wonders at Wonders Park Nerul

Hi Tech Joy Rides

Ferris wheel at Wonders Park
Ferris Wheel and other Hi Tech Joy Rides at Wonders Park Nerul

Maximum joy ride tickets available for sale every day is 1500 only. So those who arrive very late may not get a ticket for their favourite ride. Rides are available only in the evenings from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

The ticket cost per person per ride is Rs.25

Children's play area with latest equipments

Children's Play Area at Wonders Park
Children's Play Area at the park

Other facilities at the park include the Jogging and Cycling track, mostly used by those who come early in the morning, and a very spacious Amphi-Theatre that can seat a 1000 people. There is plenty of clean and green space at the place even if you just want to have a stroll.

Lakes and the Lazy River

The Khandoli lake at Wonders Park
Pigeons enjoying themselves at the Khandoli lake in Wonders Park.

The Lazy River at Wonders Park
The 'Lazy River' and its foot-over bridge.

Toy train

The toy train at Wonders Park Nerul
And here's another major attraction at the park, the toy train.

Toy train (or call it mini-train if you like) is one of the major attractions of the place, considering that such a facility is not available anywhere else in Navi Mumbai at least.

Children as well as adults are welcome to enjoy the ride. The ticket costs Rs.25 per person for 1 round, and the train passes through several stations on its way such as 'Traffic Land' and 'Adventure Land'.

However note that there is a very high demand for toy-train rides, and hence those who don't reach early in the evening may not always be able to get a ticket.

The last time when I went to Wonders Park (it was on Tuesday, 1-Jan-2013), the tickets had already been sold out by 5:30 PM in the evening. Of course the situation may not be the same on all days. Maximum toy train tickets available per day are 500 only.

Beautiful open space and creative sculptures

Creative sculptures at Wonders Park
Here's one of my favourite sculptures at the park. Giant hands emerging from the clear blue water to catch a tennis ball. The entire place is very picturesque and offers a wide array of photogenic backdrops for all the people who are interested in clicking photos with their mobile cameras. Photography is permitted inside the park.

The nice little watermelon house at Wonders Park
The watermelon house. A nice cool place to sit and rest for a while. There is also a strawberry house nearby. And all those traffic signals that you see in the background are just a part of this amazing park.


All things considered, my view is that this park at Nerul is definitely worth a visit. It's undoubtedly one of the most attractive public places in Navi Mumbai, where people can easily enjoy for at least a couple of hours.


Got a chance to visit Wonders park for the second time on 12-Jan-2013. This time it was with my family. My 5 year old son simply loved the various equipments at the children's play area, as also the toy train ride.

There were a couple of new additions that I noticed this time round. The giant chess set inside the park was now fully functional, for those who wanted to enjoy playing real life-size chess (this by the way is free, absolutely no charges), and the other addition was there was the horse-cart (tonga-wala) waiting outside the main entrance for people who wanted a have a quick horse cart ride.

The giant chess set at the Wonders Park in Nerul, Navi Mumbai
The life-size chess set at Wonders Park Nerul

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