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The toy train at Wonders Park in Nerul, Navi Mumbai

One of the major attractions at the Wonders Park in Nerul Navi Mumbai is the toy train ride. Considering that no other place in Navi Mumbai offers such a facility, it has become quite popular in a short span of time. Children as well as adults can enjoy the toy train ride.

The toy train at Wonders Park Nerul
The toy train at Wonders Park in Nerul

The charges for the toy train ride are Rs.25 per person per ride. This ticket cost is the same for children as well as adults. Thereis maximum limit on the number of tickets available for sale each day. A maximum of 500 tickets are sold each day, and the facility is so popular that all these tickets are getting easily sold out.

The train has 5 coaches (open compartments), each of which can accommodate 4 persons (grown-ups). By the way the train has a lot of leg space so even adults can sit very comfortably inside along-with their kids. Which means at a time around 20 people can easily take a ride (the number is more since there are a lot of children usually).

The toy train ride starts from the 'Adventure Land' railway station that is situated at the far end of Wonders park (towards the left side from the entrance). The train passes through another station called 'Traffic Land' during the round that it takes. The complete ride lasts for just about 6 to 7 minutes, and children enjoy it very much.

I feel the toy train has been a nice addition to park, though of course the main attraction at Wonders Park Nerul for most people are the miniature replicas of the seven wonders of the world, that has given the park its name.

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