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The Rock Garden at Nerul

on 23-May-2013

Address and Location: Rock garden is located right opposite Nerul railway station on the East side. The main entrance is located on the other side but there is also an entrance to the garden from the Nerul station side.

Rock Garden Nerul
Here's the main entrance of the Rock Garden at Nerul.

Cost: The entry fee for Rock Garden is quite affordable for everyone who wants to be there. It is just Rs.5 for adults, and Rs.2 for children from 5 to 12 years of age. In comparison the entry cost for Wonders Park at Nerul is Rs.35

Rock Garden Nerul - Toy train
The giraffe toy train for little children at Rock Garden, Nerul. It operates for 1 hour in the evening time, and is popular attraction with all the children who come to visit the place.

The garden has a variety of attractions for the young and old alike. There are a lot of beautiful sculptures, greenery and flowers, and lovely garden paths for taking a peaceful walk.

Rock Garden Nerul - Sculptures of children
Sculptures near the garden entrance. Nice poses which children love to try out themselves.

Rock Garden Nerul - Cave Men
Sculptures of cave men lighting a fire.

Rock Garden Nerul - Sant Gadge Maharaj Statue
Statue of Sant Gadgebaba Maharaj. The other official name for Rock garden is Sant Gadge Baba Maharaj Udyan, in remembrance of the sterling work he did in the field of social reforms. Born in 1876 in Amravati, Maharashtra, Sant Gadge Maharaj was a great social reformer who amongst other things, also advocated cleanliness in the villages of India.

The Waterfall at Rock Garden Nerul
The artificial waterfall. Can you spot the family of monkeys that is sitting at the top.

The Rose garden within Rock Garden Nerul
The rose garden. The plants are categorized as Flori Bunda roses, Miniature roses and Hybrid roses. The apartments seen in the background, are beyond the boundary on this side of the garden.
By the way property rates in Nerul are already sky high, and the prices are expected to soar further upwards, when the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport finally sees the light of the day.

Rock garden tiger sculptures
Tiger sculptures at the small pond inside the garden. Is it just my thinking, or do the thirsty crows and piegons really prefer to drink water at other more safer ponds in the garden.

Rock garden deer sculptures
These grazing deers in the meanwhile, seem oblivious to the fact that there are a couple of tigers in the park.

Rock garden plants
There are a variety of botanical plants at Rock garden, well cared for and neatly planted. There are signboards that give more details about each of them. There is also a separate plant nursery within the garden.
And here's the 'Lajalu' plant, which closes its leaves when you gently touch them with your finger. Lajalu is a Marathi word that means 'shy'.

Play area for children at Rock Garden Nerul
And here's what the children want most. The play area for children at Rock Garden Nerul.

Rock garden sculptures
More sculptures. Looks like a farmer and his son. Or maybe he's a gardener.

Rock garden sculptures of musicians
There's definitely some music in the air.

The amphitheatre at Rock Garden Nerul
The open air amphitheatre that can host programmes for a medium sized audience.

And here's what looks most inviting to me.

Rock garden walking path
The beautiful walking path lined with greenery and flowers.

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