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How to reach Central Park Kharghar

Central Park Kharghar Address: The park is located in Sectors 23,24 and 25 at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Driving directions:

If you are planning to visit Central Park using your own bike or car, then getting there is quite simple.

From Kharghar bus stop on highway, take the straight road that goes inside Kharghar till you reach Utsav Chowk.

Utsav Chowk Kharghar
Drive straight till you reach the Utsav Chowk at Kharghar.

From Utsav Chowk take a right turn, and keep on driving straight for a few minutes. Soon you will notice the Iskcon temple on the right side. Keep on driving further down the road and you will reach Central Park Kharghar. The Central Park is situated on the right side of the road, and right opposite it on the left side of the road is the Kharghar Valley Golf Course.

Central Park Kharghar entrance
Here's the entrance to Kharghar's Central Park on the right side of the road.

Kharghar valley golf course entrance
And on the opposite side of the park (on the left side of the road you came from) is the Kharghar valley golf course

Central Park Kharghar parking space
There is ample parking space near the entrance of Central Park Kharghar, and as of now there are no parking fees, as far as I am aware.

Reaching Central Park Kharghar by bus or train:

In case you plan to reach Central Park by bus, get down at Kharghar bus stop on the Mumbai-Pune highway. The landmarks near this bus-stop are the Little World Mall, and the Three Star Hotel, whose signboards you can see from far.

If you are thinking of walking all the way to the Park it might not be a very good idea. The park is quite far away and once you reach half-way it is very difficult to find any auto rickshaw's in between.

The easiest way is to take the 54 number bus. The frequency of this bus is every 20 minutes or so, The bus ticket costs just Rs.9 and you can get down right in front of Central Park Kharghar. The bus stop name for Central Park is Pandav Kada, though you can also ask the conductor for a ticket upto Central Park. For the return journey also, the No.54 bus is a suitable option for getting back where you came from.

If you are planning to reach Kharghar by train, the directions to reach Central Park remain the same, with the addition that from the railway station you will have to get to Kharghar highway using the skywalk or from below. From the highway you can take the 54 number bus mentioned above or hire an auto rickshaw to get to the park. The rickshaw fare is around Rs.40 for the one-way trip.

Central Park Kharghar Navi Mumbai
Central Park Kharghar

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