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Central Park Kharghar

Central Park Kharghar
Central Park Kharghar

The largest park in the world today is the Central Park in New York (341 hectares) followed by Hyde Park at London (142 hectares). Once it is ready, Kharghar's Central Park (spread over 119 hectares) will become the third largest park in the world, and will be the largest one in Asia. It's likely to become an important tourist destination, and its proximity to the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport will also make it more easily accessible for travellers.

The park is going to be huge having more than 35000 sq.m of green area, and more than 26000 sq.metre space for the children's play area.

Central Park Kharghar entrance
The entrance to Central Park Kharghar

The main entrance is at the center of the park. There is ample parking space just after entering the gate. On the right side is the children's play area. This is by far the largest playing area for children that I have seen in any of Navi Mumbai's gardens.

On entering the park, the first thing that catches the eye is a grassy green hill side. At first glance, it looks like the edge of a water holding pond or an artificial lake, but that is not the case. Its the outer periphery of a very large open air amphitheatre.

The amphitheatre has seating facilities (steps) for a very large audience, and it is larger in size than even the one at Wonders park in Nerul.

Towards the extreme left of the entrance is a large pond of water, having a fountain at its center. Entering the water body is strictly prohibited as it can turn out to be very dangerous.

Also on the left of the park is the 'Musical Information Center'. Replicas of various Indian music instruments such as Tabla and Dagga, Peti, Sarangi, Rudra Veena, Tambora, Dhol, Ektara etc. have been built. These replicas are separated from each other by quite a distance and if you want to see all of them it takes a fair amount of walking and quite a bit of time.

It is heard that several other things are planned to be constructed within Central Park. Amongst them will be a Theme park, Hasta Mudra Park, Water Park, Nursery, Botanical garden, Club house and Amusement rides too.

The Central park at Kharghar is not yet fully ready and currently all the developmental work is in progress. My guess is that it is going to take another four or five years of time to become fully ready and operational for visitors.

There is no provision for getting food inside Central Park as of now. I could see a couple of Food plazas that have been constructed, but they are not operational as of now.

Though Central park is not yet completely ready, it has already become a popular place for an outing, and a large number of people from Kharghar as well as other parts of Navi Mumbai come to visit the place in the evening time. The park is open in the evening from 5 to 8 PM.

There is ample parking space for vehicles near the main entrance gate.

Central Park Kharghar parking space
Parking space at Central Park Kharghar

There is no ticket counter at the park, since at least as of now entry to the park is completely free, and as far as my knowledge goes, there are no parking charges for vehicles also.

As of now, the main attraction at Kharghar Central park is the extra-large clean and green open spaces. Though the park is not yet ready, the lawns are quite well maintained. Sitting at the topmost stairs at the amphitheatre and feeling the strong wind blowing through the hair is a pleasant experience.

All things considered, its a nice place to spend a couple of hours in the evening with friends or family.

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