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Sunmica vs. Laminates - Why you cannot compare the two.

There is much confusion in the minds of the Indian customers between Sunmica and Laminates. In this article we are going to clearly distinguish between these two terms and understand why the two things cannot be compared with each other.

What are Laminates?

Decorative laminates are sheets of a hard and brittle scratch-resistant decorative material of about 1mm thickness that are usually glued to wooden surfaces such as on furniture. These laminates are available in a wide variety of colour shades, patterns and textures, and are basically a blend of paper and plastic. The laminate manufacturing process involves soaking the papers in phenolic and melamine resins and then the papers are hard-pressed and bonded together under high pressure and temperature.

What is Sunmica?

Sunmica is the most popular brand of laminates in India. It was an early entrant in the Indian Laminates industry, and thus the two words laminates and sunmica are often used interchangeably to mean the same thing. When people in India say Sunmica what most of them actually want to say is Laminates.

The Sunmica division was earlier owned by Bombay Burmah Trading Company which was a part of the Wadia group of companies. Now the Sunmica division has been sold to Japanese company AICA Ltd.

There are also many other laminate brands in India other than Sunmica.

Sunmica vs. Laminates - Why you cannot compare the two.

Since Sunmica is one of the brands of Laminates, you cannot really compare the two things with each other. That would be like comparing Colgate with toothpaste or like comparing Kellogg's with cornflakes.

We hope that this article has helped in getting a clearer understanding of the two things, Sunmica and Laminates.