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Laminates Catalogue

If you are planning to renovate the interiors in your home, and thinking of having laminated furniture, you have a wide variety to choose from. Decorative Laminates such as Sunmica and others are available in a vast range of solid colours, design patterns as well as different textures.

Apart from asking your carpenter to show you his choice, you can also walk into any good plywood and laminate shop in India for buying these laminates, and can ask to see the laminates catalogues that they have.

Laminates Catalogue
A Laminates Catalogue photographed at a plywood and laminates shop in Navi Mumbai, India

Researching laminate varieties online vs. offline

Laminate Sheets
Rolls of laminate sheets kept for sale at a plywood and laminates shop in Navi Mumbai, India

Choosing your laminate in a shop, is often much better than choosing online, because the catalogues that they have are not just printed booklets or magazines or brochures that you can see, but rather they contain actual square or rectangular shaped laminate pieces that you can feel and touch.

Laminates come in a variety of textures these days (not only different colours and patterns), and hence these actual laminate catalogues can help you in getting a better idea of what your final furniture will look like, and feel like.

The starting pages of these catalogues have an index, where you can read the names of the laminate varieties and its corresponding page number and directly flip over to the categories that interest you.

On the other hand, searching for laminate shades and designs online is easier and can be done from the comfort of your home of office. Several of the laminate companies in India such as Merino, GreenLam, Delta Laminates, Royal Touch, KitVista and Century have online laminate catalogues for users to browse.