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Teak Wood Polish and Care

Teak wood is a beautiful and strong material compared to other woods or plywood, and with proper care and maintainence it can last for many long years. This article describes how to care for teak wood furniture and teak wood doors.

The advantage of teak is that it is durable, does not decay or rot, is strong and looks beautiful because of its golden brown colour and straight grain pattern. However over the years, even teak furniture or teak doors lose their shine and start looking dull.

During such a time, the best way to regain the original colour and lustre of the wood surface, is by polishing the furniture. Before applying the polish to the teak wood, it can be sanded using a wood sandpaper if required. The abrasive material of the sandpaper helps remove stains if any. This can be followed by applying teak wood polish to the furniture.

There are different types of furniture wood polishes available in India. My carpenter calls them 'Saada polish' (simple plain polish), Laakh polish (Laquer), and ready to use branded polishes. He recommends using 'Touch Wood' polish that is manufactured by Asian Paints company. It is basically a polyurethane finish. This polish is easy to apply and the procedure is quite simple. It just needs to be rubbed into the wood using a soft cloth. This gives a glossy shine to the wood.

Other than polishing the teak wood once in a while (once in every couple of years), there is no other maintainence required. Its a strong and durable wood and it contains a natural oil within its cells. Its because of this oil that teak wood is able to naturally resist termites and other pests, as well as prevent itself from decay and rot. Well seasoned genuine teak wood furniture also does not shrink or warp because of climatic changes even when used outdoors.