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Sheesham Table

The beautiful hand-carved round Sheesham table shown in the photograph below, was on display at the Navi Mumbai Arts Festival 2013 that was held at 'Urban Haat' in CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai from 24th to 28th Jan-2013.

Sheesham Table
This small round Sheesham table was for sale at the Arts festival in Navi Mumbai.

Other than the fine quality of Sheesham wood used in the making of this table, the two artistic aspects that immediately grab attention are the brass inlay work done on the table top surface, and the 'Jali' work done on the sides of the table.

These brass inlays that add a touch of antiquity to the table, are quite commonly done on solid wood furniture made from Mahogany and Rosewood. The 'Jali' work that is native to India also adds a kind of royal elegance to the piece. Jali literally means 'Net' or 'Web' in Hindi, and is usually done on furniture made from Sheesham wood.

Brass inlay on Sheesham table
Brass inlay work done on the Sheesham table top surface (at the center of the table and also on the outer periphery). Also notice the fine hand-carvings in between. Truly beautiful.

Other than this beautiful Sheesham table, there were many other fine pieces of solid Sheesham wood furniture on display at the exhibit. Below this post I am giving more links so that you can take a look at those too.

Sheesham (also known by the name of 'Indian Rose wood' in other countries) is a premium hardwood timber that is very popular in the making of solid wood furniture. It has a good market in India and is also exported to other countries. The costs are comparable to teak wood furniture.

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