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Properties of Acacia wood

In recent years, acacia wood has gained in popularity because of its rising use in making good quality solid wood furniture. It is a hardwood and is quite strong and attractive looking. It also has good dimensional stabiliy and durability, and can be used for making outdoor furniture.

The important properties of Acacia wood are listed below.


The colour of Acacia heartwood ranges from light brown to dark red; It can be clearly differentiated from the sapwood which is yellowish white in colour.


Acacia wood is moderately heavy. It has an air-dry specific gravity in the range of 0.60-0.75 (average value of 0.72). This means it is quite dense, and its weight is comparable to that of teak wood.

Grain Pattern:

Acacia wood has either a straight or a wavy grain pattern.


Acacia wood has a fine texture, meaning it has a smooth finish. Because of this characteristic it is a good choice for doing decorative woodwork.

Moisture content:

The moisture content of air-dried acacia wood is around 12%. Well-seasoned acacia wood can last longer without shrinking or warping.


Acacia wood is moderately durable. Acacia furniture does not last as long as teak wood does, but it still has better durability compared to many other woods.


Its a hardwood and reasonably strong. It is useful for doing light construction work and for making furniture.

So, these are the main features of acacia wood, and in my opinion, Acacia furniture is a good choice for those people who are looking for an alternative to solid teak wood.