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Why do you want to work in a call center?

If you are planning to appear for an interview at a call center, this is one of the most likely questions that you will be facing. "Why do you want to work at a call center, why not some place else?"

If you trying to search for the most 'correct' answer to this question so that you can succeed at an interview, then my opinion is that you should stop doing so. Why do you want to look for an answer online, when the fact is that only you yourself can provide an honest answer to this question.

There are no right and wrong answers in an interview, and its not a technical question.

The main reason why call center managers and owners ask this question, is because they want to judge how long you would probably stick around at the job. Attrition in call centers is very high compared to other industries, and hence they are looking for people who will stay for a considerable time period.

Whatever their reasons maybe, according to me, any question should be answered honestly and truthfully. So if you want to work at a call center, because that is the best-paying job that you can get with your current educational qualifications, then I don't see any problem in that.

Here are the top reasons why freshers choose to work in call centers.

1. The education qualifications required for getting a call center job are not too high. So, many under-graduates find that it is a good option to make some money, while they are still completing their graduation.

2. Pay-scales in the call center industry are also relatively good considering that the educational requirements are not very high.

3. Most young people opt for a call center job because their friends are also doing the same thing, and earning a decent income from it.

Coming back to the interview scenario, here is my take on it.

Really consider why you want to take up a call center job. Introspect. Get to know yourself.

Call center jobs is not just all about having fun and being around with young energetic people. There are goals and targets in any job. Are you sure that you can be happy taking calls all day long? Are you sure that you are fully aware of how a call center functions and what skills are expected from call center agents?

I am not trying to dissuade you from working at a call center. I am just saying that you should be aware of the plus and minus points of working in that kind of environment. Some people thrive and succeed in such environments while others are better suited for different kinds of office jobs.

Think about:

1. Your educational goals.

2. Your career goals.

3. Your plus and minus points.

4. Your short term and long term targets.

If after thinking about everything, you still feel that you can succeed in the call center industry, and that taking up a call center job can help in advancing your goals, then why not? Go for it.

And here is my view on how to tackle interview questions. Be it any industry.

Be honest and Be yourself.

Communicate your thoughts clearly.

Its an interview. (Inter-View literally means getting to know each others views).

Its not a test in which you are going to pass or fail.

If after being your true self, you still get that job, thats great. If not, there is no need to be sad. In that case, better start searching for other jobs where you can fit in better, and be happier.