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Outbound call center job description

Outbound call centers are those where the primary duties and responsibilities of the call center agents includes making outgoing calls to a list of people that the company provides. The job of the agents is to not only to make these calls but to achieve the purpose of making the call.

The purpose of an outbound call can vary from one project to another. Here is a list of some of the types of outbound calls and the nature of work.

1. Outbound call center job description for Telemarketing or Telesales calls.

- To make outgoing calls to people.

- To inform them about new products and services.

- To try and sell the products and services to people.

- To listen to objections and handle them effectively.

- To generate more leads from the people outcalled.

- To enter the details of every interaction in the system.

There are two kinds of telemarketing or telesales calls. The first one is that in which the agent's job is to contact people who could become potential customers in the future, and the other type is to call existing customers and upsell additional products and services to them.

2. Outbound Call Center Job description for Collections calls.

- To make outgoing calls to the company's existing customers.

- To inform them of outstanding bills and due dates.

- To follow-up with the customers for payment collection.

- To enter details in the system for future reference.

There are a couple of variations in collections calls as well. e.g. the calls can be soft collection calls, in which the only purpose is to remind the customer of pending bills and due dates, or hard collection calls in case of defaulting customers in which the call center agents may also have to coordinate with other teams and arrange payment pickup from customers.

3. Customer Satisfaction calls and outbound survey calls:

Job description:

- To call a list of customers

- To check the satisfaction level based on a standard set of questions.

- To enter the details of every call in the system as required by the company.

These types of calls are considered to be comparatively simpler then telemarketing or other such types of sales outbound calls. The purpose of these types of calls is simply to contact the customer to get feedback.

4. Making outbound calls for resolving complaints:

Job description:

- To outcall customers who have lodged a complaint.

- To resolve the customers complaint.

- To enter details in the system.

In cases where customers call up the inbound call centers and give a complaint, and the inbound call center agent cannot resolve the problem on that call, a complaint is entered into the system. After subsequent checks and actions by back-end teams, outbound calls are made to the customers to resolve their problem.

5. Information calls.

There are cases when an outbound call is made to existing customers simply to provide them with more detailed information about the product or service that they have purchased from the company. The purpose is to inform and educate the customers about the product or service.

Some examples of these kinds are Welcome calls, and First Bill explanation calls.


Call center job responsibilities and can vary a lot based on the industry or the nature of work that agents do. For example there is a big difference between the calls made by call center agents in the healthcare industry and those made by agents working in a Collection agency.

There are many such industries which take the help of call centers to conduct their business, e.g. Banking, Insurance, Health care, Telecom, Automobile industry, Charitable Institutions and many others. In addition to this the call centers could be domestic as well as international.

The nature of work, the duties and responsibilities of the agents, and the skills required varies slightly from one industry to another.

However as a general rule, all outbound call centers do these three things,

- Make outbound calls to people,

- Try and Meet the purpose of the call.

- Enter details of interaction in the system.

Existing call center employees who are looking forward to add job description on their resume, may want to be more specific and list the industry-relevant details about the nature of their work and how it fits in with the client's business requirements. These kind of details helps in making the picture complete.