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What is an Inbound call center and how does it work

An inbound call center is one where the agents (known as call center executives) receive incoming telephone calls from people, and provide solutions to their problems.

The most common type of inbound call centers are the 24-hour customer support numbers that we all know about. Our banks have that toll-free number which we can call anytime for support, as also our telecom service providers provide such toll-free numbers for support.

To understand how inbound call centers work, let's consider an example of a telephone company who has a call-center setup where their customers can call.

Here's how Inbound call centers work:

  • Customers call on a toll-free number provided by the company, for any sort of queries or complaints related to the company's products. Their call lands at the office where the call center is located.

  • Many people can call that same number simlutaneously. This is possible because though there is a single number published, its actually a bunch of telephone lines grouped together.

  • The customer's call gets routed to any one of the agents who is manning the inbound call center. If all the agents are busy speaking to other customers, then the caller has to wait for some time before an agent becomes free to take the new call.

  • The agent then take the customer's inbound call and speaks to the customer to understand what the requirement is.

    Depending on what the requirement is, the agent either provides the requisite information to the customer, or goes ahead to solve the customer's problem. If the problem that the customer is facing cannot be solved on call, the agents have to type in the details about the issue into their computer systems which get auto-forwarded to the back-end teams for resolution. The agent in such cases simply informs the customers of the time it will take for the problem to be resolved and has to close the call.

  • Inbound call center types:

    Inbound call centers are of two types, they can be either domestic or international call centers.

    In the case of domestic call centers, the customers will be from within your country, and in the case of international call centers the company whom you represent could be a foreign or a multi-national company, and the customers whom you are speaking to will be overseas customers.

    When international inbound call centers interview prospective job candidates, they are likely to take additional things into consideration such as the number of foreign languages a person knows, or the accent of the candidate while speaking, along with the command over the spoken language.