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Blockboard Uses

Carpenters usually prefer using blockboards over other options, when lengthy pieces or wooden boards are required while making furniture. This is because unlike plywood which has a tendency to sag in the middle, blockboard is stiffer and is less prone to bending. Another advantage of blockboards is that they are also cheaper compared to good quality solid woods .

The top 5 uses of blockboards are listed below.

  1. For making long book shelves
  2. For making tables and benches
  3. Blockboard Doors and Solid core flush doors
  4. Single and double beds, and Settees (Diwan) for sitting.
  5. Lengthy wall panels.

Blocks inside a blockboard
Blocks inside a blockboard. Photographed at Navi Mumbai, India.

Blockboard is manufactured in two grades, Interior grade (which is MR-moisture resistant), and Exterior grade (which is BWP - Boiling Water proof grade).

The interior grade blockboard is often used for making indoor furniture and wall panels, while the exterior BWP grade boards are considered to be suitable for outdoor use (though such usage is relatively uncommon).

Because blockboards are light-weight (because of the softwood core) they are easier to transport and install, and hence and are the topmost choice for making exterior and interior doors that we use for our homes. Blockboards are also cheaper than good quality solid wood or plywood.