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Blockboard sizes and thickness

The blockboards manufactured in India have standard sizes and thickness values. Sizes are usually referenced by shopkeepers in the marketplace in terms of square feet and not in mm. Likewise the costs of these boards are also quoted by them in terms of Rs. per sq.feet.

The standard dimensions are listed below.

Blockboard Size (in sq.feet) Corresponding size in mm (rounded values)
8' x 4' 2440 x 1220
8' x 3' 2440 x 915
7' x 4' 2135 x 1220
7' x 3' 2135 x 915
6' x 4' 1830 x 1220
6' x 3' 1830 x 915

Standard blockboard thickness:

16mm, 19mm and 25 mm.


1. Some companies also manufacture blockboards of size 6 feet by 2.5 feet.

2. The blockboard thickness mentioned above includes that of the softwood core blocks plus the front and back face veneers. The veneer layers glued on each side of the core are usually 4 mm thick.

Thus a 19mm blockboard has around 8mm worth of hardwood layers and an approximately 11mm thick softwood core.